Bringing your luxury retreat dreams to life


Creating a seamless & unforgettable retreat experience

Retreats are an experience—you want yours to be one that your guests never forget.

Retreats are more than in-person learning. They’re meant to accelerate magnificent breakthroughs, transformations, and connections. You want your guests to feel the energy and emotion at any given moment. You want to create an all-encompassing experience that is so powerful they sign up for the next one before this one is even over.

This is what planning a retreat is all about.

It’s time to let go of the stress leading up to your retreat, bring on a team of experts, and have them meet you at the door with a glass of champagne.

It’s time for an experience of a lifetime, for you and your guests.


Hey, soul sister!

I'm Brooke

I believe retreats can change the world.

I believe in creating once in a lifetime experiences for your guest that tie together your personality and your wildest dreams.

Retreat planning is so more than just picking a venue, it’s about capturing the energy of the entire event, it’s about giving your guests a complete experience, and it’s about making everyone feel like they’re home with their people the second they walk through the door.

Your guests are there for massive growth and expansion, and that’s what you need to be focusing on. I help you step into your true role of the retreat—teaching, facilitating, and healing—not making sure the food is prepared or every decoration is hung.

With 8 years of event planning experience, I’ll handle everything so you can excel in your zone of genius.

Let us be your guide 

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A luxury done-for-you experience not only for your guests, but also for you to enjoy the experience and retreat yourself.


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Retreat With Ease

Ready to step into the retreat planning role? This course help you plan your own retreat from start to finish showing you all of my secret tips & tricks!

"Having Brooke as my retreat planner was the best decision I could have made. She helped me organize and plan my retreat so I could stay in my zone of genius. She handled the big things like transportation & managing the timeline to little things like making sure everyone had morning coffee."

Lauren, Owner of Leverage