5 Takeaways from The Haven Conference West Olive

It has been a few months since The Haven Conference and my mind is still buzzing about everything I learned on that day. But since the conference there have been 5 key takeaways that keep coming up for me in my everyday life. So today I wanted to share those with you.


#1 A strong mindset will take you far

You can have all the knowledge, the personality and the tools but if you have a shitty mindset you will not be successful. It breaks my heart to see so many people not believe in themselves or not believe they can achieve more than what they already have.

When you choose to believe in yourself, set your goals higher and tell the world what you want that is when the magic happens!

#2 Instagram is a part of my job

At The Haven Conference, Kalin of Sweetwater Floral, reminded us all that Instagram (or whatever social media channel you choose) is a part of our job. We all like to brush Instagram and social aside and convince ourselves it’s not important, but it is important.

Social media is where you build your community of loyal followers. A community of people that want to purchase the thing that you’re selling. Right now I get approximately 40% of my business from Instagram alone. So to say Instagram is not important or brush it to the side is missing out on some paying clients or customers.

#3 Put yourself first by taking care of your mental hygiene

So many of us struggle with this because we have been taught it is selfish to put yourself first. But you are doing more harm than good by putting others before yourself. Because when you take care of yourself and are feeling 100% – then you can show up 100% for your family, friends, clients, etc.

But when we don’t take care of ourselves and are feeling more like 50% – then we will show up for those people 50%. I don’t know about you but I don’t like to half-ass things.

During The Haven Conference Kerry of Reset Brain and Body, told us to throw the term “self-care” out the window and call it “mental hygiene”. Just like your daily personal hygiene you need to do the same with your mind. You wouldn’t wake up and run out the door without brushing your teeth would you? Then why are we running out the door without taking 5 minutes to meditate or be mindful?

Below is an exercise Kerry lead the attendees through at The Haven Conference in West Olive, Michigan.

Attendees going through an exercise at The Haven Conference in West Olive, MichiganAttendees going through an exercise at The Haven Conference

#4 Tribe is everything

Did you know that you are 95% more likely to achieve a goal by having an accountability partner. You are 95% more likely to achieve a goal if you simply meet up with someone regularly (once every 2 weeks, once a month, etc.) and talk about your goals and your dreams.

This is so powerful to me and just shows how important having a community or tribe is. People ask me all the time how I have found my accountability partners or entrepreneurial tribe. The simple answer is by showing up and getting my name out there. I have attended entrepreneur groups, events, conferences, etc. and that is how I have met my community.

#5 It is better to try than to do nothing at all

One of my favorite moments from the conference is when Brittney asked the group “How many of you have put out a product or service that no one bought?” and when 75% of the room raised their hands she replied with “Oh, and you’re not dead? Great! Try again!”

What Britt meant by this is we are all going to have to take risks if we want to hit the next level and rarely will we not recover from something not being successful. When I am going to launch a new product or service in my business I often ask myself “What is the worst that could happen if this fails?” – then I think of the worst case scenario in my head. Then I ask myself “How would I handle that if it happened?” and 99% of the time I would manage just fine.

The truth is there are very few things that we wouldn’t be able to bounce back from. So its time to tell fear to take the back seat and do the damn thing! Because its better to put it out there and possibly hit a gold mine than to not put it out at all.


Those are my biggest takeaways from The Haven Conference. If you want to join us at the next Haven Conference in Detroit this fall grab your tickets now because they are going fast. Hope to see you there!

Brooke Dumas

Brooke is a Retreat & Experience Planner who helps business coaches, entrepreneurs & spiritual leaders create, plan and execute retreats all across the world. After opening her wedding planning business, Stellaluna Events, in 2016 and serving couples all across Michigan, Brooke felt a call to serve entrepreneurs through events. She created her first live event for entrepreneurs called The Haven Conference. After three successful conferences, she felt led to offer her event planning gifts to all types of entrepreneurs and Brooke Dumas Retreats was born. 


  1. Sandra De La Cruz on September 26, 2019 at 11:06 am

    I am interested in learning more about these conferences you offer. How can I sign up for your next one?

  2. Brooke DePauw on October 2, 2019 at 10:01 am

    Hi Sandra – you can sign up for the next Haven Conference here https://brookedumasretreats.com/haven-conference/ Hope to see you there!

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