5 Tips For Planning a Destination Retreat

A destination retreat is one of the most fun types of events to plan because it basically feels like you’re planning a vacation. You’re exploring cultural activities, unique sights and trying to give you attendees the most immersive experience. But there is a lot more that goes into an international or destination retreat that you probably wouldn’t consider if you were planning one in your home location.


What is a destination retreat?

Before we dig into the tips, lets chat about what a destination retreat even is. A destination retreat is any retreat that is outside of your home base. It doesn’t have to be international but it is a place that you don’t frequently travel to and your attendees probably don’t either. Everyone will be going out of their way to get there, meaning an extra level of planning is required to make sure its a smashing success.

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01. Know all the travel details

Traveling to a new location either you or your attendees have never been do can be really scary and forces people outside of their comfort zones. The more you can research and share about about what the travel experience will look like the more comfortable people will feel. Below is a list of things you should share with your attendees weeks prior to the retreat:

  • Best airport(s) to fly in and out of.
  • How to get from the airport to the retreat venue – including transportation company recommendations.
  • What time their flights should land by and depart by based on the retreat schedule.
  • Any guidelines/requirements to get into that state/country/providence.
    • Are COVID tests required?
    • Do you need an extra level of insurance? (currently required in Costa Rica)
    • Do they need a passport or special visa?

I also recommend hiring a travel agent to consult you on this information if you don’t feel confident doing the research yourself. The more details you can share about traveling to that location the more relaxed and taken care of your attendees will feel.


02. Research costs before selling tickets

It’s extremely important to research your costs before selling tickets to your destination retreat because prices vary in each location and your retreat ticket prices should too. For example, your retreat budget is going to be higher in France and than it is in Mexico. By having a general understanding of what the costs are will allow you to make sure you are charging enough for each ticket to make all the planning and energy investment worth your while.

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03. Budget for extra help

It is crucial that you invest in someone to help you help you execute your destination retreat. This could be an employee, friend, family member or professional retreat planner.

Having someone dedicated to communicating details to the attendees, coordinating with the vendors, setting-up, cleaning-up and making sure things are running smoothly is really important and makes the retreat experience that much better for everyone. Given the fact there is so much more going into a destination retreat the last thing you need to worry about is attendees and vendors blowing your phone up with questions are your trying to fly across the world. Having that extra level of support will make your attendees feel taken care of and wanting to sign up for the next retreat.


I hope you found these tips helpful in planning the best destination retreat! If you’re feeling like you need a little extra help make your retreat dreams come to life, inquire about our retreat planning services.


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