Plan the dreamy retreat you’ve always wanted to host with confidence + certainty

Retreat with Ease

A self-paced course to support you with creating a transformative experience your retreat attendees won’t ever forget  

Hosting your own retreat for your people is something you’ve been dreaming of for some time now.

As an entrepreneur, there’s nothing more fulfilling than an in-person experience where you’re in one room together, undistracted, ready to do the work, and achieve massive uplevels.

Retreats have a certain magic to them that you can’t get anywhere else — the deep sisterhood bonding, the powerful breakthroughs, the sacred healing, the profound conversations and connections, and the ultimate transformations. 

They fill your soul and your attendee’s souls with an unexplainable feeling that you can’t find through traditional coaching or mastermind sessions.

But before any of this magic can come to life, you need to plan the retreat, which so far has been anything but easy.

You aren’t exactly sure where to start and you’re realizing just how fast costs can add up with all the tiny details to make it flawless and memorable.

You keep scouring the internet for tips, but nothing feels that helpful. 

Even though you feel like you can get the “big” stuff taken care of like the location and stunning Airbnb, there’s all the “other stuff” you’ve been avoiding like the legal aspect, building a budget, creating the timeline, to-do list, sourcing food for every meal and snacks, finding vendors, and so much more.

You’re tired of just dreaming about hosting a retreat, you want to take action to make it happen and you’re ready for the direction to make it even easier.

Just imagine how good it would feel to have guidance and be able to:


  • Plan the luxury dream retreat you’ve always envisioned hosting for your audience 
  • Add an extra line of income to your business by understanding how to host profitable retreats 
  • See the world and get paid to do it by hosting a destination retreat in a surreal location your clients will love as much as you
  • Impact and change more lives at once through your retreat
  • Feel more fulfilled and inspired in your business by bonding with your attendees in such an intimate space 


Sounds pretty incredible, huh?

This is exactly what’s waiting for you inside Retreat With Ease. 

Retreat With Ease is here to walk you through every step of successfully hosting your retreat so you can confidently show up for your attendees while ensuring every last detail is covered.


This course is designed to help you host a wildly successful retreat that your attendees will talk about for years to come.


It walks you through every step of how to plan your retreat along with lists, documents, spreadsheets, and other resources to ensure your retreat is successful. Plus, there are monthly office hours where you can ask me anything about how to make sure your retreat is the best it possibly can be.



“Brooke’s program has been an absolute Godsend! I got called to finally go after my dream and start my LLC a few months ago but I didn’t know where to start. I knew I wanted to create these beautiful, healing retreats for people but that was about the extent of it. I'm a creative and I didn’t know how to break everything down and all the logistics. Having that space with a person I trust, with a person that has done it before and aligns with my vision was such a beautiful thing and to know that it works! Everything she had lined up - it works and it creates amazing, amazing experiences like that. I’m very grateful a program like that is out there for people like myself that have the vision and don’t know where to begin, so we don’t get lost and can just go for it!”

- Megan Moser 

This course covers everything from how to select your location, find a venue, pricing, budgeting, the legal stuff, execution, plan all the activities, create a schedule, communicate the details to your attendees, and more. 

The best part is it is so easy to use because as I was creating it, I had you in mind. And I know you are busy, running a business, wearing multiple hats, and don't have hours and hours to dedicate to planning your retreat.

This course is designed to help you host a wildly successful retreat

 and if you stick with the course, you can easily 10x+ your investment with your retreat.

What you’ll receive when you join:


Instant access to 7 video lessons on important topics every retreat leader needs to know like...


ONE - Researching and finding the perfect venue

TWO - How to build a retreat timeline

THREE - Finding activities and vendors

FOUR - Creating a retreat budget

FIVE - Legal and how to protect yourself

SIX - Communicating to your attendees

SEVEN - Executing the retreat from start to finish

BONUS LESSON! - How to pitch product sponsors for your retreat


All from real life lessons I have learned planning retreats all over the world!

My clients pay me a minimum of $10,000 per retreat for this information you are recieving inside this course, but you’re only paying a fraction of that price. Formally, Retreat With Ease was $888, but for a

LIMITED TIME ONLY I want to give you Retreat With Ease for only $197!!

The most amazing part is this course's material can be applied over and over again, meaning you can not only make your small investment back (and quickly!) but you can easily 10x, 20x, or even 30x your investment using what’s inside this course!  

This course is your ticket to transforming lives through retreats while seeing the world and getting paid to do it.

What we will cover:

  • Selecting a location + what to consider
  • Finding a venue, house or retreat center
  • Building a timeline + schedule
  • Finding vendors, activities & excursions
  • Pricing your retreat to profit
  • Creating and managing a budget
  • Legal + protecting yourself
  • Communicating details with your attendees
  • Executing the retreat
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Money saving tips

And so much more!

This program was designed for you to get results — fast.

Just look at Shannon, she has less than 200 followers on Instagram and is hosting her first retreat ever.  Not only has she SOLD OUT her retreat and broken even, but made a profit and has locked in numerous brand sponsorships for her retreat.

This is all possible for you too! 

Who Retreat With Ease is for

If you are an entrepreneur who...


  • Has dreamed of hosting retreats, but doesn't know where to begin, how to make it happen or how to make it successful.


  • Is excited to create more money and wealth in their life and business by traveling the world, having fun and creating life changing experiences.


  • Wants a one-stop-shop to teach them how create this amazing experience


If yes, then Retreat With Ease is for you my friend!


The Retreat With Ease course gave me the confidence and the tools to make my vision a reality. It covers everything you need to know about how to make a retreat possible and what steps you need to take to make everything come together. It's helped me tremendously!” 

- Shannon Andrews 

It’s time to confidently transform lives through your retreats without the dreaded headache of event planning.

Anyone who has ever told you that you can’t make money on retreats is a liar. 

hello beautiful soul, I'm Brooke!

& truth be told, I actually didn’t make money on my first retreat because I had no clue what I was doing. I ended up undercharging for tickets and overpaying for just about everything else. I wanted to deliver an incredible experience but had no idea how. This is the number one reason people don’t make money on retreats.

I missed so many crucial pieces of hosting a retreat including how to properly price my tickets, negotiate, find a venue better suited to my budget (or how to budget), how to structure the day, or even how to manage my own energy. I ended up guessing the entire way which resulted in losing a lot of money and feeling completely defeated.

At that time, I wanted to quit and never wanted to host an event again.

But I ended up trying again and again, and eventually learned how to not only make money hosting a retreat in my business, but how to enjoy the process and do it with ease. At that point, I started helping my private done-for-you clients plan retreats with my methods and that has generated $50k, $100k, and even $900k for them — solely from retreats!

Website Headshot

When I started seeing these numbers roll in for my clients, I knew I had to compile everything I knew and turn it into this course for you to help you stop losing money on retreats (and instead make money!) while providing an incredible experience for your people.

I want you to feel confident and empowered when it comes to hosting retreats, and this course is your ticket to doing just that. Time to ditch the retreat planning headache and let it be easy (and profitable).

Join NOW for a LIMITED TIME PRICE of $197!!

Questions before joining?

I've got you covered!


“Is this course specifically for "woo-woo" entrepreneurs?”

Nope! It’s for any entrepreneur who wants to plan, execute, and host a retreat as part of your business!


 “I want to start my own retreat planning business, should I join?”

You can, however, the program is really built to teach a yoga instructor, business coach, or other entrepreneurs how to plan their own retreat NOT to teach other event planners how to plan a retreat. While you could get a lot of value from this course if you haven’t actually planned a retreat before, the best way to learn how to grow your business is to go through coaching with me, you can email me at for more details. 


“When can I expect to see an ROI?”

This is a tough question to answer because it depends on YOU.  I would say this course is only for people who are ready to go ALL IN on their retreat and put their money where their mouth is by betting on themselves and investing in themselves. While it might feel like a lot to invest before actually making money on the retreat, if you follow my advice and stick with it you can easily make 10x+ your investment back when you start the retreat promo.


“Do you offer refunds?”

Given that you get instant access to the whole course and all the materials, Retreat With Ease and Pitch, Product, Profit are non-refundable.




Retreat With Ease will fast-track your success to planning the retreat you’ve always dreamed of hosting while learning how to do it strategically so you don’t waste money (or worse — lose it!).


With this course, you will be able to flawlessly and confidently execute your dream retreat whether that’s securing a stunning Airbnb in the jungle of Costa Rica or heading to the coast of South Africa to swim with dolphins. 


What are you waiting for?


Your dreams await you on the other side of this course. 

Join NOW for a LIMITED TIME PRICE of $197!!

Please Read Me: By purchasing this course and its material you are agreeing to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Please note that we do not offer refunds. Please note monthly Q&A calls are subject to end at anytime. For questions or concerns please email us at